Tina Monberg is a partner in mediationcenter a/s and a reputable international public speaker. As the author of more than five books on new forms of relationships and cooperation, she has helped multiple organisations and companies to successfully function in the society of the future.

Her books have been praised as being obligatory reading for executives. With her diverse background as a mediator, lawyer, and psychotherapist, she is able to inspirer and show the way to a better world, where diversity is a constant, and where cooperation is a must.

In 2000, she established one of Denmark’s leading firms specialising in conflicts and new ways of cooperation, by way of mediation and with a focus on human relations.

Tina has developed The Butterfly Effect, a new leadership concept. In addition to attending one of her workshops, you can read more about this concept here .

Serve to Profit: Butterfly Leadership

Tina Monberg

This book challenges you as a leader and directs your course within an uncertain future. The book takes you up in a hot air balloon giving you the overview of what lies within our grasp. Once we know where we stand, it is then easier to act and discover new ways forward; new opportunities for more life and more meaning. We must rediscover the whole now lacking within in the current system devised from details and silo-thinking. The more that companies function like the natural world, then the more resilient they, and also we, become

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