Lectures by Tina Monberg

All of Tina Monberg’s lectures are sustained by the wish to create lasting and healthy relations between people in an equal cooperation and a philosophy that conflict and cooperation are two intertwining entities. The lectures are filled with little stories from her own life, from other firms, and from the history of the world.

Inspiration for lectures:

  • From conflict to cooperation - can one have cooperation without conflict?

    Conflict and cooperation are not to separate entities, but rather phases in a process, which continually involves some of both parts. When people share knowledge, they share their view of the world, but since these are different, conflicts can often occur. In this lecture, you will hear about
    what we can do to maintain the cooperation and be able to handle conflicts in a way in which we can refind cooperation.

  • The difference between men and women in conflict - are they really from different planets?

    For many years, women have fought for equality between the two sexes. A battle which has resulted in women being able to achieve equality only by working and acting like men. But real equality only comes when substantial respect is found for the different ways in which men and women act. In conflicts, men and women have different behavioural patterns, which means that conflicts escalate in different manners, and as such should be solved in differently. Men pull away from the conflict, while women choose to stay in the conflict.

  • Promoting cooperation and partnering within business life

    Partnerships often end in divorce, when the first love between two companies passes, and the honeymoon is over. Differences in culture, lack of communication, and/or differences in expectations, are just some of the reasons that the partnerships does not function. It does not need to be this way. Companies can prepare themselves for such difficult situations by holding workshops and establish a concept for conflicts that create malfunctions in cooperation – conflicts that any partnering is going to face eventually.

  • Mediation - one conflict, two winners

    One conflict, two winners – this is the essence of mediation. It is a process in which two parties can be helped to find a solution that maintains needs and interests. When the process is a parallel one, it is experienced as a cooperative process, instead of a petulant struggle to see who is right or wrong. And when both parties reach the finish line simultaneously, there are two winners. Learn more about mediation and how this process and way of thinking can be used within your organisation or wherever two winners are required.

  • Bullying in the work place - how do we fight it?

    3-5% of the workforce in Denmark is bullied. This is the same as 100,000 people. These victims of bullying have traumas that make it had for them to move on in their lives. Those who witness other people being bullied are also affected by bullying, affecting the general happiness and resulting in higher rates of absence. Fortunately, something can be done to eliminate bullying from the workplace and find solutions to it.

  • The perfect fusion - how to create a new, common culture

    “What is our future society going to look like, and what visions and values is this society based on?” How many companies have asked themselves this questions before a fusion? 66% of all fusions go badly, even though many strategic and economic possibilities could be seen before by the partners. This lecture will show the way to how companies can work on creating a new, common culture.

  • The Butterfly Effect

    Only when they know how its economic partners and the surrounding world is doing, can a company predict its bottom line. This way of thinking – on that encompasses the group as a whole – will be prominent in the future world, and requires new forms of organisation, that is based on trust, cooperation, and responsibility. The leader will be challenged to show the way for the rest of his/her organisation. The Butterfly Effect is the model which makes it possible for the leaders of the future to work systematically with these themes, and for many, The Butterfly Effect will be the breath of fresh air that will give companies the upper hand in the corporate world – becoming the most successful, environmentally friendly, and sustainable company.

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